The principle of paying over $1,000 for a motorized plank of composite wood can normally put people off. That’s why some manufacturers are making a race for the bottom in the electrical rideables area through less than stellar products choose the $299 SwagBoard. Luckily, Yuneec — a Chinese firm well-known for its Typhoon line of drones — opted to shoot for the middle with its latest electric skateboard, the E-Go2.

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The a lot of necessary point to understand around the E-Go2 is that it’s not a performance board like the Boosted Board or the Inboard M1. Wbelow the Boosted Board and the M1 sell adrenaline-inducing joy rides, the E-Go2 is a dependable perprevious through high endurance. Its single 400-watt motor and also max rate of 12 mph make it the household minivan of electrical skateboards.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Similar to the automotive industry, some civilization require vehicles for running errands or transporting assets rather of pure unadulterated rate. The E-Go2 could not get your heart pumping, however it provides up for that via a peak selection of 18 miles (depending on rider weight and exactly how many kind of hills you climb). Compare that to the seven-mile selection of the Boosted Board and the M1, and you’re looking at entirely different usage instances. The E-Go2 will certainly take you almost everywhere the city and also the suburbs pretty well. You can also have the ability to leave your charger at home, which is not a realistic alternative via the Boosted Board.

The E-Go2 has excellent variety, is reasonably cheap, and is conveniently available


But what truly differentiates the E-Go2 from its rivals is its broad availcapability and also price. You can pick one up for $699 — a whopping $300 less than Boosted Board’s lowest-finish version, and also $700 less than the M1. They’re easier to buy, too: you can actually find the E-Go2 this particular day at significant retailers choose Best Buy, Walmart, and also Amazon. The M1 has a five-week wait time, and also the Boosted Board is currently just available to reserve as the firm emerges from a battery recontact.

The E-Go2 might be great for human being looking to ride appropriate ameans, yet its low price does come through a variety of comassures. The E-Go2’s tiny 400-watt motor renders it feel slow, and it battles with steep hills. The remote that you use to manage the rate and settings of the board is additionally considerably less responsive and also drastically lower quality than that of other boards. This becomes a safety and security concern if you should nimbly stop a cyclist or make a quick evasive maneuver on the street. Plus, the E-Go2’s remote can’t compare to the comfort of the rounded Boosted Board remote. And it doesn’t provide as much information at a glance, even more taking your eyes off the road. Tright here are other, smaller sized niceties that the E-Go2 eschews, favor the quick charge time of its rivals. Charging the board takes even more than three hrs in many kind of cases, and the battery isn’t swappable like the one on the Inboard M1.

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Considering the distinction in price in between the Yuneec E-Go2 and its rivals, its concessions, on the totality, are reasonable. If your interemainder in an electrical skateboard centers around energy — running errands, visiting friends, and also cutting your commute time — it’s a serviceable choice. If you’re searching for something you have the right to ride next week, the E-Go2 is really your only option.

But I’ll leave you via this warning: if you drive a minivan eincredibly day and also gain a opportunity to drive a friend’s Tesla, tbelow will be a hole in your heart. The exact same will certainly be true if you ride a friend’s Boosted Board or M1. The E-Go2 could serve some really useful needs, and its mid-market pricing will certainly be appealing to some, but it’s no replacement for the thrill that the competition affords.