The differences in between the two indoor electric grills featured ~ above this page, Zojirushi eb-dlc10 vs eb-cc15, might not at an initial be apparent. Yet there are absolutely some distinctions that will get your attention.

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Sure, the Foreman grills might be the many popular but they absolutely aren’t the only video game in town. In fact, if you are contemplating a brand-new electric grill, you space sure to come throughout many different brands that manufacture electrical grills.

By the moment you end up this page, in a few minutes, you should full mindful of i beg your pardon of this grills is best for you.

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Zojirushi eb-dlc10 vs eb-cc15 – Which electric Grill perform you want…?

Appearance and also Size


Zojirushi eb-dlc10 Indoor electrical Grill

Unlike the Foreman grills wherein the grill is angled so the the juices and oil runs down right into a try, the grill surfaces for both of these units are perforated. They no angled in ~ all, instead the surface ar lies flat and also the drippings loss through the feet on the grill and in the tray.

The end result for this and Foreman grills is the same- girlfriend still finish up with a healthy meal. The bases because that both room sturdy. The dlc10’s base made out of stainless steel.

Easy-to-Use and also Clean

Both of these grills are incredibly easy to use and also clean as they each have a nonstick coating but the eb-dlc10 is a titanium boost stainless steel coating. In reality they both come completely apart to permit for basic cleaning. The drip tray because that the cc15 is in reality dishwasher safe.


Both Chinese make grills come with a one year warranty.


If ns were choosing between these two machines in the Zojirushi eb-cc15 vs eb-dlc10, I’d most likely go through the Zojirushi cc15. The reason is since both that these makers are really similar. Lock share the very same temperature variety even though the eb-dlc10 has a much more powerful heater element and stronger titanium nonstick coating. The eb-cc15 has actually a an effective heating element too. And, they both re-superstructure the same warranty and safety mechanisms.

The eb-dlc10 has actually a huge cooking surface as the is the larger machine, however I nothing think that this is a real deal breaker here. Some could appreciate a larger cooking surface yet most have to be satisfied with the surface dimension of the eb-cc15.

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So, in the end, the dlc10 is technically the much better machine but I don’t think that it fully outclasses the cc15.