so I installed Anaconda and everything is working. ~ I set up it I determined to switch to oh-my-zsh. Ns am currently getting:

zsh: command no found: condawhen make the efforts to usage pip or conda installs

echo $ZSH_VERSION 5.0.5

I have added to my

export route ="/Users/Dz/anaconda/bin:$PATH"What is it that I"m missing?




If you space on macOS Catalina, the brand-new default shell is zsh. Girlfriend will have to run resource /bin/activate complied with by conda init zsh.For example: I mounted anaconda python 3.7 Version, kind echo $USER to discover username

source /Users/my_username/opt/anaconda3/bin/activateFollow by

conda init zshor (for bash shell)

conda initCheck working:

conda listThe error will be fixed.

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As of today Nov 4, 2018 all the following methods works, download the zsh with:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"Not recommending brew installation because that zsh:

brew install zsh zsh-completions P.S: Tried v with brew and also brew install under the root and also is not an way idea to perform so early out the security and also all time anything associated will need to be began under sudo so better is to stick through curl or wget.

to make job-related conda in OS X with oh-my-zsh mounted is to include path as following and also will work.

Find the python routes so have the right to see if you set up Anaconda2 or Anaconda3: wherein python or which python will an outcome in comparable output:

/usr/bin/python/Users/"username"/anaconda3/bin/python/usr/bin/pythonFinding her Anaconda Python interpreter path

vi ~/.zshrc or gedit ~/.zshrc

For Anaconda: at field # User construction add:


For Anaconda2 at ar # User construction add:


For Anaconda3 at field # User construction add:


or replace "username" with your username:


According to documentation installation on macOS we add add in ~/.zshrc rather of .bashrc or .bash_profile

Add export PATH="https://bin:$PATH" in ~/.zshrc

Or set the course variable: export PATH="https://bin:$PATH"

Replace “” with the actual route to your Anaconda installation.

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This approaches are functioning on ubuntu/Centos7/MacOS too (just close/reset the terminal once you space completing the changes) 보다 just type conda to test.

truongnm comment just resource after adding the path: "I pasted the route from my bash_profile, and also don"t forget to resource ~/.zshrc"