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sometimes one sit down after city hall something and ask oneself: "What the FK did ns just forced myself come see?!"THIS... Is among those moments...This is what I gain for being curious around how who emulate the imagination on just how Centaurus copulate.Sigh.... Alright, Zton, what have the right to i say around it?This is a film that has 4 story arcs, 2 of castle is around the same personalities the other 2 are different stand alone stories.The very first two is around an adventurer and his centaur girl childhood friend that after so plenty of years together, they worked out down together and also started one Inn/Pub/Bar/Diner on a basic location in their world.Side note: This civilization is one of those fantasy Isekai people with Yuusha/hero ingredient in it. However this one appears that male kind and beastmen live in peace, but there is still some prejudice because that beastmen. Just how ever, unlike most Isekai stories, this one appears to be cleared up in more modern times due to the fact that there is actually technology and cellphones in it.I can not obtain the Mc's surname so i will contact him Hero, yet I think the centaur's surname was Rea. (I might not find any type of subs for this film due to the fact that its quite recent)Anyways, Hero(Mc) and Rea appears to it is in married or at the very least lovers... And also they had been together due to the fact that their high institution years once he protected her from bullies in school because she was a beastman. Since then they became friends and also over the year it blossomed into love.Alas, Rea began to have a stalker complying with her and one that those nights he covertly took images of her under belly, point that she heard with her sensitive ears and also began to recall those traumatic moments yet was saved by Hero favor he did ago in college on her flashback and broke the phone scaring the man. Then two various other beastmen punks stood up defending Rea kicking the dude's ass.Once the night worked out and castle closed shop, Rea out of gratitude and also love for Hero proceeded to have a night that passion through her beloved. Error/mistake detection: (spoiler alert, skip forward if perform not desire to read)There is other funny around hentais... How men's cock seems to morph and adjust sizes depending upon positions or shots...On the X-ray shot of the H-scene, Rea's cervix tunnel/canal might be viewed as as a regular mare's dimension as Hero fist-fuck her. His eight went inside approximately the forearm, which should be normal and realistic, specially since horses' penis is an extremely long.However, once it came to penetration, we can see the his dick was big for a human being yes... But not big enough together a horse and also yet top top the X-ray shooting they confirmed the head of his member touch Rea's womb...Come ~ above guys, seriously? At the very least be realistic... He might not reach the far.CONTINUE ON!Second arc functions both the Hero and Rea. Ns did not understand this one well... I perform not understand if this was just how they ended up being lovers at first or some time later on after arc 1.Regardless, Hero to be thinking around how cute Rea looked in a waitress dress and also began jackingoff, once Rea captured him.After some embarrassing moments... Rea said him the she did not mind it and also proceeded to have actually sex through him.Third arc is about a water world, where sea creatures roam and also two person guards was standing on watch. One of them to be fishing and the loud one to be speaking about how he wish to fulfill a sea girl and also have sex with... Point the fishing guard was annoyed with.Loud mouth then proceed to nerd top top the beauty and also grace of mermaids and sea ladies yada yada.He might not longer host so he equipped up with a strength suit and also jumped right into the deep.Inside he met and captured one octopus girl and also after taking her back he proceeded to rape her.Arc ended with that fathering human-octopus children after he acquired her pregnant and also used her together a sex pet after that.Fourth and last arc:Shows the house of a couple, human and also beastgirl, who is also a sea creature. (I wasn't sure at very first but i think she is one orca killer whale... Even if she is also petite for it; quiet she looks prefer an alien-pokemon ripoff)Anyways story is about them and also their normal resides as a couple and a narrator explaining around the orca girl's adjustment cycles and what not.Arc ends through them copulating in a romantic vanilla means while narrator provide some pointers and also explain a few things around the orca girl.And that's simply it.I great i can had checked out a version v subs yet i looked everywhere and also found none.I guess nobody paid lot attention due to the fact that this involves bestiality sex...STILLThe arts was decent. Computer animation was median sadly... And also the story and world setups were initial so in its entirety is no that bad.And if you are into bestiality or at the very least monstergirls, then you will like this.